Thursday, January 19, 2012


Using Google Docs to make a survey

google-docs-survey-exampleDid you know you can make a free, and rich survey or poll using Google Docs? It’s simple to set up, and as a bonus it drops all your results into a spreadsheet where you can slice/dice/analyze/chart/graph or whatever.
To create a survey, inside Google Docs go to New then click on Form as shown at right.
Go through and create your questions, set the response type (multiple choice, checkbox, text, drop down, etc.) where you’ll enter in the possible answers and if the question is required or not.
When you’re done, select a theme (the look of your survey) and save it and a link to your survey will appear at the bottom of your screen. You can then copy/paste that link into your website, Twitter or whatever to publicize your survey. You can also embed the survey right on your site if you wish.
The results are then fed into a spreadsheet that you’ll find in your Google Docs document area.

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